miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016



Theme:  Animals in the Desert

Final Product:  3 sentences (using nouns, verbs, and adjectives) with the characteristics of animals that live in the desert.

Size, type of food, cycle of life, and habitat 


     1) Watch this video about the desert. http://youtu.be/WViUUMClAUQ

     2) Research different animals living in the desert in our planet

 3) In your notebook write at least three complete sentences with the characteristics of these animals  (be sure of use capital letters, punctuation marks) and underline the nouns with blue,  underline the verbs with red, and use yellow to underline the adjectives. 

 4) Write three sentences how you can help these animals in their habitat.

5)Publish in your group´s blog or use your notebook.

6)Read and comment your classmates work and write two different things.


3 comentarios:

  1. 1. I choose the elephant,the cheetah,elephant and camel.
    4. I can help these animals respecting their hábitat , no hunting elephants and cheetah too, and promoving their conservation. Hanna Martínez

  2. In northwest of Mexico is the Sonoran desert there lives coyotes, owls, armadillos, tarantulas, snakes and Gila monster; in Sonoran desert are many kind of cactus too. The climate is hottest but have two rainy seasons.

    We can help protect their habitat, punishing the hunters and people whom selling illegally animals.

    Elena Henkel


    1 Name three animals that farmers use to help them in the field.
    .- Bull
    - Horse
    - Earthworms
    - The dogs
    2. Describe what these animals do in the field.
    The bull helps to the famer plowing.
    The horse helps the famer to move.
    Earthworms remove the Earth.
    The dogs help the famer to take care of their things.
    3. Write ten sentences with action words .Remember to use capital letters and periods.
    3.1.- I like to run with my father every day.
    3.2.- I love to play with my classmates.
    3.3.- I like to jump the rope with my friends.
    3.4.- I like to swim when I go to the beach.
    3.5.- I like to march every Monday at the school.
    3.6. I like to read action books.
    3.7.- I like to play basketball with my cousins.
    3.8.- I like to watch TV with my grandma.
    3.9.- I like to study books when I am doing my homework.
    3.10.- I love go to Disney on my vacations time.