domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016

Activities for 3/ V/16

Reading and Viewing

PLO'S: Thinking ( reading and viewing )
Responds to selections read by expressing an opinion and making judgments supported by explanations and evidence.

1)  Watch the book in YouTube " Umbrella "☔️

2) We play that you are investigator like Sherlock Holmes and investigate the definition of infer, write in your notebook.

3) Illustrate the story in your notebook ( don't forgot infer )

4)  Work in pairs you will express the clues you find in the story:
👀 the feelings of the characters 
😱 the problem of the story.
✨ the solutions of the story.

PURPOSE: responds to selections read by selections read by making text to self using infer.
1) Make a Pic Collage with all your work and publish in Face
2) Remember write team's name, the title READING POWER INFER "Umbrella" ☔️.

Read LEGO PARKS pages 2 and 3
In page 37 write the nouns you find in the story.

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