domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

Activities for 19/V/16

Math, Language Arts
PLO'S: patterns. Writing and representing ( features )
*Interprets, graphs, tables and various types of maps.
** Uses complete sentences with unfamiliar words.

1) They will make brain gym with the key vocabulary ( North, South, East and West). They will learn that the head represents the North, the feet will be the South, left West and right East.

2) Watch the map on page  60 answer the page 61.

3) Look at the map of the town. Follow the instructions U7 track 10.

4) Listen, point and repeat page 82, 83 U7 track 12.

5) Write sentences with key words page 88 and street directions on page 65

PURPOSE:  Make a map follow directions.
1) Make a map of the area around your school. Label important places.

2) Give directions from one place to another to classmate.

Answer pages  63 and 64 S1.
Read at least 10 min

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