lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

Ice cream

Cooking class

One ziploc bag  big 
One ziploc bag small
Vanilla extract

Is a liquid and when exposed to solid ice cobiertet.

1- put the ice in the ziploc big 
2- put the milk in the small ziploc bag
3- put in the small bag the flavor that you want
4-put the sugar  that you need 
5-close the small bag
6- put the ziploc samall in the ziploc big 
7- shake both bags 
8- and you an ice cream 

Anahy Arce Aldape 


The magic of ice cream

Last week we made ice cream the ingredients where 
Milk,big and small ziploc bag,sugar,cocoa powder,a bowl,sea salt ,a spoon and ice.
The first step is to put the ice in the big bag and then close tye bag then you are going too put the milk in the small bag and then the sugar and mix with the spoon then we need to put the cocoa powder then you close the bag you put the small bag in the bag and shake up to 5 minuts or ten dont shake to much or the ice is gonna melt and your ice cream to then you pour the ice cream in the boul and give it to hom ever youl like or eat it by your self 
And presto:you have your ice cream.It got solid because the ice froze the milk and that is why it became solid and thank you miss cynthia by nicole 

viernes, 19 de junio de 2015


Last Wednesday 3rd graders had cooking class and we made ice cream! It was a delicious and educative experience.

Here's a link in which you can watch kids explaining the experience. I hope you enjoy!

viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

My dad is a hero

I love you and you are the best dad and I like playing soccer and ping pong.


My dad is my hero i love my dad

Friday,June 12th 2015

My dad is my hero

 I lose you dad you are the best you are always there for me you take care of me you are my heroe I love you with all my heart how could  I ever thank you  you are the light of my day hoy help me you take me to school to the doctor when I'm sick every time you are there for mr I love you 

Different as every dad in the world 

I love you 

You are the best 

Nicole Jacques Aguilar 


My daddy

  Dad I love you , you are  the best dad and you help me.          


My dad

I love my dad , he is my hero and he loves me too and he helps me alot.


My dad

You are the best dad I.  Love you dad you are everything for 

By :Joshua 

viernes, 5 de junio de 2015

The newspaper

Who:Diego, Dilan, Maggie and Joshua 
What: are you going to talk about paper?
Where:in at Shool
When:Friday June 5, 2015.
Why:because We want to show you how to  recycle the paper. 


Michel Nicole and Anahy

 Today we're going to show you how can we use paper. 

Who is going to show you the newspaper 
Anahy , Michel and Nicole. 

What are we going to show you how to read in the newspaper about sports. 

When you read about sports.
On June 3, 2015

Why because we want to show you: how to look in the sports section.

You can use in different ways 
Make origami,to rite on it,fold it,stripes,and balls