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Third Grade Mother’s Day Assembly May 2014

By Miss Fernanda Muciño Siliceo

Happy Feet (Saving the Penguins)
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1. Ivanna
2.Sebastian Sanchez
3. Daniela
4. Diego Lemus
5. Isabella
Peng1. Andres Estrada
Peng2.ana Regina
Peng3. Tian
Peng4. Ashley
Peng5. Alexia
Peng6. Ximena
Peng.2.Luis Manuel
Peng.3. Diego B
Peng7. ReginaG
Peng.8 Camila
Peng9. Arturo

(3rd graders start singing 1st. Part. UNDER PRESSURE)

IVANNA. Kids is time to go to sleep, get into bed.
SEBASTIAN SANCHEZ. But mom!! Please I don’t want, please let us play 5 more minutes.
DANIELA. Yes please, I want to play all night long!!
DIEGO LEMUS. And dance!! Yeah!!
IVANNA. Nno no its time to go to sleep!!
ISABELLA. Ok, but tell us a great story before we go to bed.
IVANNA. Ok, I'm going to tell you a story, only if you go to sleep after, but must do so?


IVANNA.  This story is about a group of penguins just  like us!! And you'll have to imagine that in this tale there many penguins.
Once upon a time a very far far away place, and a very cold place.

DIEGO LEMUS:  We will close our eyes and will imagine all the story.  (everyone closes their eyes)
SEB. SAN. No no, no it wasnt so far away, or it was?

IVANNA. Ush of course it was, don't interrupt me and listen!!

SEB. SAN. Ok, but I want to listen the story too!

IVANNA. Once upon a time some cute and handsome penguins were suffering a lotbecause they didn't have fish to eat, and they were starving.

DIEGO LEMUS. Penguins like us?

SEB. SAN.   Don´t interrupt mom, yes they are like us!

ISABELLA. Poor of them!
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IVANNA. Well let me tell you the story,  so close your eyes another time and let your imagination travel.  

ANDRÉSIts awful, there is no fish left for us to eat!
ANA REGINA. No there aren’t, and it’s really hot here, it’s so weird.
SEB.FLORES: Mum what are we gonna do? I'm starving!!

ANA REGINA. I know, we have to go to other places to look for some fish.
ANDRÉS. So take care of you, I'll take care our little penguin.

IVANNA. So the Mum went out to look for  other penguin girls to find food in farther places.

DANIELA.  Why  daddies didnt go out to look for some food?
ANA REGINA:  All mums are in charge of looking for food while daddies take care of the kids.

IVANNA. So they went deeper in the ocean, and finally they found some fish, but not too much-

ASHLEY. Look, what are they doing with those big things in the ocean?
ALEXIA. I dont know, but they are throwing things that stinks!! Iughhhh
XIMENA. But look, they are taking out the fish, what are we going to eat??, hey watch out dont take everything, you're killing us!! You're killing our environment. Let's do something!!

ASHLEY, ALEXIA, XIMENA. No dont take them, we have to take them, cause theyre important for us, and for our planet!

IVANNA. They were not heard by the humans.
DIEGO LEMUS. Oh, thats so bad, what happened later?
DANIELA. Yes tell us!!

IVANNA. Well the penguin daddies arrived, and they searched for the  humans, but they didnt see them either.

SEB. SAN. How?

IVANNA. Dancing and singing, just like all the penguins use to do it.

SEB. SAN.oh yes, I can imagine them, maybe they were dancing my favorite song!!

IVANNA. Which one?

SEB.SAN. Remember it Mum!!

(3rd graders dance Nobody)

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IVANNA. wooow yes now I remember, its a great song!!
SEB.SAN. Yes I know! Mum.

DANIELA. I like it so much too!
DIEGO LEMUS. I want to dance it again! Please!
ISABELLA. Can I dance it again too?

IVANNA. Of course darling,  but later. Well there were 3 dirty penguins, and the only  thing that they liked , was to eat garbage.

SEB. SAN. Garbage, what is that?

DANIELA. Its something that the humans throw into the oceans and on Earth!
DIEGO LEMUS. Yeah, and stinks!! It’s Awful!

ISABELLA. And what happened with those dirty penguins?

IVANNA. They were happy with the human's garbage, they swam and played into the dirty water.

EMILIANO.  hahahahah this water smells very bad, I like it!!
MANUEL . Yeah, I'm a stinky penguin too!!
DIEGO B. Even I like this smell and play with the garbage, I'm not sure that its so good for us!
EMILIANO. Of course it is not!! But its really funny muhahahahahaha

IVANNA. Suddenly three other penguins arrived to that place, they were listening to the stinky penguins.

REGINA G. It is not possible that you say that, we can die if you or they contaminate our Planet, humans been are killing usall the animals on Earth could die, even the humans. We have to help them to make them understand that contaminating our planet is harmful for us!We have  to catch their attention, and make them help us! I don’t know how to do it! Doyou have an idea?

CAMILA. I have one idea!!  Music is a language that everyone can understand around the Earth!

EMILIANO. Mmm ok, we'll help you.
MANUEL. Yes I dont want to die, neither my friends!
DIEGO B. Are we going to sing to them?

DIEGO B. No, we can dance, its better!!
DIEGO B. Oh my dear pal, I don’t like to dance, I don’t think humans will understand.

DIEGO B.. Yes, lets dance together, and the humans could realize whado we want to say to them.
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EMILIANO. Ok, lets dance, we will enjoy and will be helpful for everyone!
ARTURO:   Music and even better dancing heals our body and our brain.

(3rd graders Dance Boogie Wonderland)

IVANNA. Finallythe humans listened to them, and with all the penguins they sang only one song to save and take care of the Earth!!

(3rd graders finish with 2nd part UNDEPRESSURE)