lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

The magic of ice cream

Last week we made ice cream the ingredients where 
Milk,big and small ziploc bag,sugar,cocoa powder,a bowl,sea salt ,a spoon and ice.
The first step is to put the ice in the big bag and then close tye bag then you are going too put the milk in the small bag and then the sugar and mix with the spoon then we need to put the cocoa powder then you close the bag you put the small bag in the bag and shake up to 5 minuts or ten dont shake to much or the ice is gonna melt and your ice cream to then you pour the ice cream in the boul and give it to hom ever youl like or eat it by your self 
And presto:you have your ice cream.It got solid because the ice froze the milk and that is why it became solid and thank you miss cynthia by nicole 

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