sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Activities for 17/ V/16

Reading and viewing

PLO'S : Thinking ( reading and viewing ).
Responds to selections read by expressing an opinion and making judgments supported by explanations and evidence.

Theme: Reading Power ( visualize )
1) Watch the trailer in YouTube http://youtu.be/hFUC5adf8FE
2) Close your eyes and visualize HAPPY FEET
3) Comment your feelings with your team.
4) Answer the questions in your Face by yourself
a)  I visualize  ( describe) the characters 
b) When I smell ____________________I remember "Happy Feet"

Final product:
Purpose: responds to selections read by making text-to self using visualize.
 1) Write a different of HAPPY FEET  (First, then,Next, Finally)
 2) Illustrate your work.
Read at least 10 min.

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