domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016

Activities for 2 / V/ 16

Reading and Viewing
PLO'S: Features
Develops meaning from the literary elements. ( character, setting, climax, theme and conclusion)

1) Read the title the story and visualize what the story is about.

2) All the group will read aloud the story pages 17-25 S1 

3) Circle with blue nouns you will find in the story. " The Mystery of the missing dog"

4) Answer pages 26 to 28 S1, circle with red the correct option.

5) They will play "the hot potatoe" with the Key words page 44 S1.

6) Write the definition in Spanish in your book S1.

Purpose: uses strategies (simple sentences ) to spell unfamiliar words.
1) Work in pairs, write sentences with your key words and the reading The Mystery of the missing dog".

2) Publish in face with the title The mystery of the missing dog and our key words.
1) Answer pages 29 and 30

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