domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016



Theme: Impressionism 
Final product: 3 sentences (using adjectives) with the characterstics of impressionism 

1. Investigate the biography of Vicent Van Gogh.

2. Reseñar ch different artworks of Van Gogh.

4. Research different artworks of Vicent Van Gogh

5. In your notebook write at least three sentences with the characterstics of the Noche Estrellada ( be sure of use capital letters, punctuation marks) and underline the adjetives with blue.

6. Write three things you connect with the paint.

7. Publish in your group's blog or use your notebook.

8.  Read and comment your classmates work and write two different things.

2 comentarios:

    Once I did my research on Van Gogh Impressionism I can do homework
    1.- It s a French art movement where artist portray objects according to te Impressionism that light produces in sight.
    2.- preferible shows te primary colores.
    3.-show me ver y happy and colorful landscapes.
    Regina Plata

  2. I Connect with te air nos
    I like the color because It makes me fe el happy
    The blue Connect me to the sea
    Regina Plata.