martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 15/III/16

Activities for 15/III/16

Theme: Reading Power ( visualize )
1) Watch the book in YouTube
2) Close your eyes and visualize the story. "On a summer day" by Lois Lenski.
3) Comment your feelings with your team.
4) Answer the questions in your Blog:
a) I visualize with the title.
b) I like the story because...
c) Put a image to illustrate your work.
Final product:
Retell the story in your own words: don't forget the principal words (First, then,Next, Finally)

2 comentarios:

  1. I lime the story becarse it si fun
    I Connecticut Because I like playing Whittier muy cousin in summer.
    Once day my mom my dad may cousin and I played War With balones With water . I had fun.
    I visualiza in my next vacación in Cancún, HUatulco y Tolantongo.
    Regina Plata.

  2. I visualize with the title A sunny with butterfliesnand birds ,playing with friends and my sister
    I likes the story because the brother and sister play togheter.

    The history with my own words is:
    First they go to swim and then they went to drink lemonade,played to be bears and got a lot of fun.
    Finally at the end of the day, they went to sleep and dream.

    By Hanna Martínez Maldonado