martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 8/IV/ 16

PLO'S : Life science: Diversity of life.
Explore inside your body, identify your bones and muscles.

THEME: Inside your body, your bones and muscles.
1) Watch the video
2) Describe what exercise do you and do it.
3) Answer pages  122 to 124 S1
4) In the board will be 3 columns: muscles, bones, muscles or skin. Check what are you using to move.
5) Research the principle muscles and bones and the differences between them.
Final product:
Purpose: Reflects on and assesses own by setting goals and creating a plan improvement.
1) With your team make a video about your research.
2) Use Skype to invite others groups to watch your videos and comment.

Read at least 10 min and don' forget your booklet

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