martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 11/ IV/16

PLO'S: Life science: diversity life.
Investigate how milk is produced. Compare milk production in the past with today.

THEME: Milk production today and in the past.
1) Read page 150 S1 aloud and circle these words: machines, plastic, glass, store, dairy, farmer, bottles, hand, cows, sell, carry, truck.
2) investigate the production of milk in the past and in the present.
3) Make sentences with those words using present and past tense about the milk production. Publish in your BLOG. 
4) Illustrate.

Final product
Purpose: Write short phrases using the words to complete the Venn Diagram.
1) Use the Venn Diagram to explain the MILK PRODUCTION today and long ago.

1) Write sentences in page 154 S1 using the words. Be careful with present and past tense. 
Read at least 10 min 

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