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Activities for 20/IV /16

PLO'S: Thinking ( Writing and Representing )
Uses writing to extend thinking by analyzing the relationships in ideas and information.

THEME: Advertisements
1) Research in your IPAD, about the advertisements and answer the questions:
😊 What is the purpose of th music advertisement?
😉 What is the purpose of the drink advertisement?
😮 Do the advertisements use adjectives and how?
2) Chose 5 key words page 114 S1 and write 5 sentences to persuade to buy a snack in your notebook.
3) Use a graphic organizer to organize your ideas.
4) Corrects your draft, circle with orange the adjectives.

Final product
Purpose: Use the advertisements to analyze and write their ideas or information.
1) Each team will choose one Social Media.
2) Publish an advertisement about a healthy snack you want people to buy.

1) Answer pages 86 and 87.
2) Read at least 10 min.

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