domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

Activities for 22/IV/16


PLO'S: Life science: diversity of life.
Explore inside your body, your heart.

THEME: Your Heart
1) Hear the instructions and do it.:
What happens with your heart:
A) When you are scared.
B) When you run
C) When you rest
2) Tell how you feel during the exercise listen with respect your companions.
3) Watch the video
4) Research about the veins and arteries.
5) Answer pages 128, 129, 130 S1.

PURPOSE: Describes how the blood travels through the veins and the arteries.
1) Make a drawing of your heart. Veins are blue and arteries red.
1) Show the drawing to your partner and invites to describe it. Remember use adjectives.
2) With both works make a video and publish.

Read at least 10 min.

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