jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014

Christmas in Dublin, Ireland with Jules Verne.

The coming of jules verne to Dublin ,Ireland 
Once upon a time jules verne went around the world in his magic air balloon when he arrived ti Dublin, Ireland it was christmas time.  A family was decorating their house a smallest  girl light up a candle and then jules appeared close to the tree then jules verne light up a candle and Santa Claus appeared. Then they all had a lot of fun thy ate fish with salad and wine and the kids drank hot chocolate.  The next day Santa came he left lots of toys and the adults dressed in old clothing and the children went to the street and asked for money.   Jules Verne  went to a store and bought many things like cups, chocolates, candies.  At last  he went  to a house ate delicious food and he left.  JULES VERNE HAD THE MOST MAGIC CHRISTMAS IN HIS LIFE.

 byNicole, Anahy, and Maggie.

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