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Storytelling chinese`s tales

Once upon a time, there was a young man called Ma Liang. He was poor and kind and helped a rich man to tend cattle. He liked drawing and drew pictures everywhere. One night, he dreamed that an old man gave him a magic paintbrush and asked him to use it to help poor people. When he woke up, he found the magic paintbrush in his desk.
From that day on, he used the paintbrush whenever people needed help. When he saw that people had no water to use in the fields, he drew a river and the river came to life. People could bring water from the river to the field and save a lot of time and energy.
When he saw it was difficult for people to till lands, he drew a cow and the cow came to life. People could use the cow to till lands very easily.
So when he saw the peoples' troubles, he would use his magic paintbrush to help. Then many people knew about the magic paintbrush.
But a few days later, the rich man whom Ma Liang helped heard that the magic paint brush could turn everything to life. He was a bad man so he had an idea to steal the paint brush from the young man. He knew that he could make a lot of money by turning things to life and keeping them, so he sent some people to the Ma Liang's home and took him to the prison. He got the magic paintbrush and felt very happy.
Then he invited a lot of his friends to come to his home and showed them the magic paintbrush. He drew a lot of pictures, but they could not become real. He was very angry and asked some people to get Ma Liang.
When Ma Liang came, he said to him, "If you draw some pictures for me and turn them to life, I will set you free." The young man knew that he was a bad man in the village. Of course he did not want to help him. He had an idea. He said to the bad man, "I can help you, but you should obey your words."
The bad man felt very happy and said, "I want a golden mountain. I will go there to gather gold." The young man drew a sea first. The bad man was angry and said," Why did you draw a sea? I do not want this. I want a golden mountain. Draw it quickly."
Then the young man drew a golden mountain which was far away from the sea. The bad man saw that and felt very happy. He said, "Draw a big ship quickly. I want to go there to gather gold." The young man smiled quietly and drew a big ship. The bad man jumped into the ship first and a lot of his family and friends jumped in too. When the ship sailed to the middle of the sea, the young man drew a large wave and it destroyed the ship. So the bad man and his friends died.
After that, the young man lived with his family happily and kept on helping the poor people. So the magic paintbrush was known by everyone.


One character is worth a thousand pieces of gold, can’t believe that? It is true as it really happened in the Chinese history.

During the Warring States Period (475 BC to 221 BC), there was a famous politician called Lu Buwei. Though he was one of the most powerful men in the state of Qin, he was always looked down by others due to his humble birth.

One of his followers suggested him to compile a good book as many people in history enjoyed eminent fame because they wrote famous books. Lu adopted his advice and invited about 3,000 scholars from all over China to help him with his book. Read the rest of this entry »

Loawnu the wise woman 

On a warm spring day, in Xia times, some children went out in the fields to play. In those days, if you had a problem you went to see the local wise woman. In this village, the wise woman's name was Loawnu.

Alarmed at what they saw in the fields, the children ran up the hill to Loawnu's house. "Loawnu," they shouted. "The sky is falling down!" Loawnu smiled at the children. "Don't be worried. Find all the pieces of sky that have fallen, and bring them to me. I'll sew them together again in time for the festival."

The spring festival was nearing. This was a time when the young people gathered from many villages to meet one another and to find husbands and wives. The children's village had been honored this year as the meeting village. It would be a horrible time for the sky to fall down. The village would be disgraced!

Off the children ran to pick up the pieces. But some were missing! "Loawnu!" cried the children, as they tore up the hill, breathing heavily. Loawnu only smiled.

The next day, the children ran outside and looked up. The sky looked as it always looked on a warm spring day, clean and fresh and blue. They were so happy.
That night, they were amazed! The sky had always been dark at night. That night, it was filled with light! Loawnu had patched the missing pieces of sky with bright twinkling light! How beautiful! How clever! We shall have the happiest spring festival in all the land! How lucky we are to know Loawnu! All the village agreed.

The blue rose

It is said that many years ago, an emperor ruled China kind that had an only daughter. The emperor loved the girl, but suffered because she would not marry. And the princess, plus beautiful, intelligent, and dreamed of studying, traveling and living many adventures. No devote only wanted to have children and painting on silk, all that a wife could do at the time. But her father would not allow him to remain unmarried, and ordered him to put a condition for those who aspire to her hand. He could make it as hard as I wanted, he said, but was forced to marry the first thing fulfilled. Princess cunningly replied marry me who bring me a blue rose.

Most suitors withdrew, discouraged, but a military exalted to the palace and gave an exquisite princess shaped sapphire carved rose. The perfection of the gem was breathtaking, but the princess shook his head and said: I do not want a jewel, I want a blue rose. Another suitor offered a splendid porcelain cup painted with a blue rose, but the princess said: I do not want a rose painted, I want a true blue rose. Later, a wealthy nobleman asked the audience and offered up a blue rose girl seemed not painted. The Emperor ordered to begin the celebrations of commitment but the princess, who was staring at the flower through her tears, she saw a butterfly on it fell dead, and I pointed out to her father. Botanists studied the pink palace and found that had been irrigated with ink still on the ground. The princess was safe.
His cunning, however, would soon be against him. Soon after, the princess posed as one of her ladies to attend a festival. There she met a handsome street musician. They fell madly in love, but when you start planning your wedding, the girl, frightened, recalled his ruse: his father the boy would require the blue rose. Many days the princess wept in the arms of her lover, until one afternoon suddenly dried his tears: he had an idea.

The whole court waited, curious, the new pretender? Finally bring the blue rose?

The young man decided and moved to the surprise of all, the princess gave a white rose. The girl was delighted. Daughter said the Emperor, that rose is not blue. But is the blue rose that I was waiting, she said. The Emperor would take the boy when he realized that his daughter loved him and wanted to marry eventually, and saw no reason to prevent their happiness. Then ordered to begin the celebrations of commitment and love and the whole court danced and had fun until late, while in the center of the room reigned humble white rose, turned blue by the magic of love.

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