viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Sharing deep questions

Welcome everyone to the "Deep Questions Exercise", here we will share deep questions regarding chapter two from the story of Alice, remember that deep questions are the ones that can´t be solved directly from the reading, the answers for these questions are found within ourselves.

** Be careful fast questions are the ones that we find in the reading, like:
What's the girl's name?
Alice is her name.

I would like to share my deep questions with you...

1. What would have happened if Alice's parents hadn't left the house?
I IMAGINE Alice wouldn't have felt lonely.

2. What would have happened if Alice only had a pair of jeans and a t-shirt?
I THINK She wouldn't have left the house, because it was snowing.

Now let's share questions!!!!!!!

Miss Julia

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  1. Miss Julia:

    My question for Alice is:

    What would have happened if Alice had stayed home watching the TV or listening to music?

    I THING she would have had a good time instead of being worried about her parents.

    Miss Bibi

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  3. 1. As are your parents Alice?

    2. Do you like cold pizza Alice?

    3. I like the snow Alice?

    Diego Tonatiuh